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Strawberry Mansion

We were tasked with renovating one triplex while designing a new build. The two triplexes stand side-by-side in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood.


Our client's vision was to create modern living spaces that feel like home, with custom solutions and colorful choices outside of the boring builder grade idea of rental apartments. Every detail of this project was considered and designed while working closely with our clients, resulting in handpicked and unique finishes for each unit.

We worked on this project from the initial phase, defining the best floor plan, choosing the exterior brick and paint pallet, to the final design installation with interior paint pallet selections, deciding on the best tiles that weave a common thread throughout select units, but that stills feels uniquely designed with different pattern and combinations, creating custom doors, and even using wood beams removed earlier in the demo of the building, and more.


The common entrance can be overlooked easily, but we thoughtfully designed the space with bespoke wallpapers and tile. From exterior facades to interior finishes, you can see our dedication to the design process ensures a unique designed space.

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